MAZAVA facilities provide an unparalleled 10-year+ history in Africa of producing high minute value technical product (including flatlock sewing) in categories such as; teamwear, tees, polos, fleece, compression and underwear.

Throughout our history, we have been manufacturing with high quality standards for our global customer’s product categories. From pre-production to delivery of finished products, we invest in personnel training, process control, rigorous testing protocols and proper equipment. Product uniformity (including color consistency) is central to our service across shipments from multiple countries of origins.


By bringing onboard experienced international management from the very beginning to develop and supervise skilled operators, we have successfully established a collaborative and sustainable Human Resource strategy.

MAZAVA has managed to create upward mobility through the continuity of order loading, training, income promotion, health care, and meal services; all of which make our factories meaningful places to work. We have a combined 8,000 motivated employees at our MAZAVA-owned & operated manufacturing facilities.


AGOA eligibility for Madagascar and Tanzania were extended in 2015 by beneficial Trade Preferences that were signed into US law, effective until 2025. A key aspect to the AGOA extension is the “3rd Country Fabric Provision” allowing for cut & sew utilization of our competitive China-origin performance textiles and trims.

After a decade in utilizing 3rd country fabrics in Africa, MAZAVA is positioned well ahead of the competition. WINDS GROUP will continue to invest long-term in SE Africa under AGOA. We believe this sensible Governmental policy framework is a win-win for all parties.


MAZAVA SPORTSWEAR is Gold Status WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) Certified. We improve the communities in which we operate. This commitment ensures that all our operations are compliant with local law requirements, while fulfilling the expectations of our own core values of respectful collaboration.


We add a competitive edge to our customer’s portfolios by integrating innovative Performance Textiles with world-class Performance Wear manufacturing in duty-free country of origins.

Collaborative forecasting and loading by our select customers are critical requirements for WINDS GROUP to efficiently plan and operate our manufacturing facilities. We treasure the opportunity to work directly with our customer’s executive management to jointly develop sustainable long-term plans.

The MAZAVA Global manufacturing platform has been expanded to include Haiti (MAZAVA HISPANIOLA), under the US duty-free framework HOPE-HELP (Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act – Haiti Economic LA Program). Our new facility is located at the northern border with Dominican Republic, two days sailing from the US.